What This Baby Was Caught Signing During His Santa Photo Will Have You in Hysterics

Boy signing for help during photo with Santa

After waiting in the long lines for an expensive photo with Santa, you never know exactly how your child is going to act when the moment finally comes. While some kids are excited for the magical moment with Mr. Claus, others approach this old stranger with apprehension, skepticism, or complete fear.  When Kerry Spencer took her 1-year-old to visit Santa Claus, Samuel had a priceless reaction, and although her little boy is now a teenager, this mom from Maryland shared a throwback for the world to enjoy. 

  • Kerry Spencer taught her boy Baby Sign Language, and her kiddo used it during his photo with Santa Claus.

    The adorable toddler was captured discreetly signing "help" to his mom while giving a distressed look in her direction. Kerry shared the epic photo on Twitter and explained that she saved Samuel from Santa's lap as soon as he signaled -- but not before the photo was taken.

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  • The smart boy didn't have to speak to tell his mom -- and the world -- what he was thinking: HELP. ME.

  • Between the look on Samuel's face and his emergency sign, this kid's time with Santa is cracking people up.

  • It inspired some parents to share their kids' photos of Santa with hilarious hand gestures of their own.

  • Although, some did question why Kerry would let the photo be taken before immediately helping her baby.

    At least Kerry has a sense of humor and owned up to rescuing her kiddo immediately after the mall photographers captured the memory.