This Fed-Up Mom Used Her Kids' Elf to 'Cancel' Christmas & People Are Pissed

Christmas cancelled letter
ABC Brisbane/Facebook

Despite all of the stress that comes along with the holiday season, December can also be a gift to parents thanks to Santa Claus's impending arrival. In many homes, just a simple reminder that Santa is watching is enough to turn a toddler meltdown into angelic behavior. Some parents even bring up the fact that they are buds with Mr. Claus, and that with just one text message, email, or quick phone call, he can be quickly updated with any naughty behavior. But when one mom got fed up with her kids' antics, she used their Elf on the Shelf to deliver a harsh warning, and her message -- as well as its delivery -- has other parents divided. 

  • This mom meant business when she cling-wrapped the Christmas tree with a formal note from her kids' Elf on the Shelf canceling Christmas.

    The family's elf, Elsie, explained in a letter attached to the wrapped-up tree that Christmas is canceled for now. If the kids want him to keep visiting, or to get any of their presents back, their behavior needs to seriously improve. "Santa is very angry and I'm disappointed. Be good and say sorry to mom," Elsie wrote. "You all have four weeks to improve. I'm watching."

    ABC Brisbane shared the anonymous mom's tactic to get her kids to rethink their actions -- and the response on Facebook has been divided.

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  • Some people applaud this mom's directness and creativity.

  • One person praised the mom for taking a stand against "child terrorism."

  • Another mom just liked her idea for keeping the Christmas ornaments on the tree.

  • This parent supports the notion of using Christmas to teach kids that behavior matters and they're never entitled to a gift.

  • Others are calling her out for not only trying to ruin the holiday but also for ineffective discipling methods.

  • Some parents are not about threatening their kids -- especially during the holidays.

  • One parent pointed out all of the "flaws" with this type of discipline.

  • Another user chastised this mom for sending the wrong message.

  • Let's hope for the kids' sake that Elsie wasn't telling the truth and that Santa rethinks his Christmas ban!

  • Unless Mom follows through and is brave enough to own it...