Warning: Parents Are Getting Scammed With Fake Versions of This Year's Hottest Holiday Toy

It happens every year: as the holidays approach and kids finish up (or completely change) their wish lists, they leave parents scrambling to secure that hot-ticket item. This year, one of the most popular toys that kiddos are hoping to open are Fingerlings. But just being able to get their hands one of these plastic animals isn’t the only thing that parents have to worry about.



According to multiple reports, online retailers including Walmart.com are selling fake versions of Fingerlings for an inflated price. Some third-party marketplaces are taking advantage of their in-demand status and selling knockoff versions to unsuspecting parents.

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"There was miswording on the package, the product inside wasn't secured. The color was leaching off the product onto their hands," Louis Roethel told WZZM after ordering the toys for her kids from Walmart.com, only to later realize they were sold through a third party on the company's website. She ended up receiving counterfeit versions of the toys.

Fingerlings, which are responsive plastic animals that can hang from things, retail for $15 but previously purchased and resold versions as well as knock-offs are being resold online for as much as $70. According to ABC 2, parents need to be aware of counterfeit toys not just out of fear over wasting money but also because they present a serious safety concern: Authorities have seized some fake toys that contain lead or can catch on fire.

In order to avoid potential scams, the toy’s company, WowWee, recommends that parents only buy Fingerlings through an official Amazon retailer that notes their products are “sold & shipped by Amazon.com.”

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