When a Busy Mom Asked Dad to Finish Up Dinner, He Made an Epic Mistake

Wife's text message with husband
Breastmilk Jewellery - Heart Infused Keepsakes/Facebook

Trying to get dinner on the table when your kids are running around can feel like mission: impossible. Luckily for Cindy Hobbs, her husband was home when her two kids started acting up while she was making soup so she put him on dinner duty while she chased after the little ones. Even though Cindy knew that Malcolm isn't great in the kitchen, she never imagined that things would take such an unsavory turn, and his innocent mistake will have you in hysterics.

  • This mix-up happened when Cindy's 3-year-old ran into the kitchen with something she found in the bathroom.

    The toddler had grabbed mom's menstrual cup and started running around with it. Cindy took it from her and asked the hubby to step in and make the kids friend rice while she went to wrangle them because she assumed they wouldn't be likely to eat the soup she was already cooking. "Just so happened I I placed it right next to the rice he had sitting there," she commented on Facebook. "It was clean by the way."

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  • Naturally, it only gets worse from there.

  • Later, Cindy noticed her menstrual cup hanging out in their bag of rice and called her husband out on it.

    The couple had the conversation via text and Cindy shared a screenshot of their epic conversation on her company's Facebook page, Breastmilk Jewellery - Heart Infused Keepsakes. During the chat, Malcolm innocently explained that the "tool" in question was the measuring cup he used for the three cups of rice that the recipe called for -- duh! 

  • When she explained that it was her menstrual cup, he thought they were still talking about minestrone soup.

    Along with advising that he google menstrual to understand the difference between a woman's cycle and a type of soup, Cindy also summed up the situation nicely: "You dick pod!"

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  • The worst part? Cindy didn't notice her husband's mistake until the next day -- long after they ate their "menstrual" soup.

    Luckily for all, Cindy keeps an immaculate diva cup, they both have an amazing sense of humor, and she was willing to let the Internet laugh at her husband's expense thanks to those epic screen shots!