This Pastor Just Told Dozens of Kids Santa is Fake & Parents Are Fuming

David Grisham/Facebook

Parents talk a lot about when and how they should tell their kids the truth about the existence of Santa Claus. Is it better to drop hints slowly over time and let them come to the conclusion themselves? Or, should you rip the band-aid off and tell them flat-out?  Honestly, there doesn't seem to be one clear answer. But one thing most of us can agree on is that we hate the thought of someone else spilling the beans to our kids without permission. One angry pastor did just that when he decided to go on a public rant against Santa in the middle of a children's store, making a lot of people very angry in the process.

  • Pastor David Grisham seems to be on a personal mission to "expose" the truth about Santa to children.

    In 2010, he posted a video on YouTube that depicted a mock execution of Santa Clause. Last Christmas, he was confronted by angry parents after telling children that Santa wasn't real at a mall in Texas. This year he decided to up the ante by recording himself at The Santa House in North Pole, Alaska, ranting at parents and children about how Santa is a lie.

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  • At the beginning of his video, Grisham explains his reasoning for his public rant.

    "I'm gonna tell the kids here...That there's no such thing as Santa Claus and that Christmas is about Jesus." 

  • After entering the store, he begins his "lecture" almost immediately.

    The store is full of parents and children, many of whom are standing in a long line waiting to get their photos taken with Santa. "I wanted to tell you kids today ... that Santa Claus does not exist," he proclaims loudly. "Santa Claus is not real. The man you're going to meet today is a man in a suit, in a costume, and it's make-believe. It's not real."

    As Grisham continues his rants, most of the other patrons in the store either try to ignore him or tell him he's being "inappropriate."

  • A couple minutes later, a store employee finally steps in to ask him to stop talking.

    David Grisham/Facebook

    "We understand that you have your beliefs but everybody else has their beliefs as well, if you would not interfere with our other customers we would really appreciate it," she says.

    Unfortunately, he doesn't budge. "I'm not interfering, I'm just telling them the truth and then I'll leave."

  • Grisham continues speaking for a few moments and is allowed to finish his rant before he finally leaves.

    David Grisham/Facebook

    "Why don't you just leave and let us enjoy our holiday," one woman says as he is ushered out of the store. 

  • The pastor posted the video on his Facebook page, surely expecting people to laud him as a hero.

    Instead, he received comment after comment from people who were disgusted by his actions. 

  • "He may have his beliefs, but how does he get off telling others how they should raise their children?" one person wrote.

  • Others were a little less nice, flat out calling Grisham a "piece of sh*t".

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    Most people seem to agree that Grisham has every right to his beliefs. In fact, some of the commenters even share his beliefs. Still, they all seemed to agree that ruining children's holidays without any regard to their feelings goes way beyond crossing the line.