6-Year-Old's Brutal Letter to Santa Proves You're Never Too Young to Be a Skeptic


It's December, and that means all the kids who believe in Santa are busy making their wish lists and carefully crafting their annual letters to the big guy. But that doesn't mean every child is sold on this whole Jolly Old St. Nick racket. Mom and NPR reporter Sarah McCammon shared a scathing note her 6-year-old penned to Santa, and the little kid's brutal honesty has the entire Internet cracking up.

  • "My 6-year-old skeptic was asked to write a letter to Santa at school," McCammon wrote on Twitter.

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  • "Dear Santa, I am only doing this for the class," the letter reads.

    "I know your notty list is emty. And your good list is emty. And your life is emty. You don't know the trouble I've had in my life. Goodbye. 


    I'm not telling you my name" [sic]

  • Yes, this kid just told Santa his life is empty.

    Hopefully the North Pole has some ice Santa can use on that burn.

  • Naturally, Twitter was immediately prepared to crown this child King of the Internet.

    Just wait for the teen years, one warned.

  • They even loved the kid's choice to decorate his letter with a border of wreaths and skulls.

    You have to admit, the skulls do pair nicely with the assertion that Santa's entire existence is meaningless.

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  • One person even shared his own skeptical Santa letter from when he was a kid.

    "Dear Santa, I do not believe in you but my teacher told me to write this note. How could your elfs [sic] make a G.I. Joe jet? The card said from Santa. From, Joe."

  • But the burning question on everyone's mind was, what kind of "trouble" does a 6-year-old have in his life?

  • Luckily, his mom clarified that it's really just one major trouble: his brother.

  • Well played, kid.