Mom Owns Up to the 1 Thing About 2nd Kids That Every Parent Can Relate To

Mom and crying baby
Mom Babble by Mary Katherine Backstrom/Facebook

Every parent knows that things change when you have a second baby. Not only are you a different person, but also the circumstances around this little one’s entrance into the world are different. Although you may love them the same, you have more experience but less time, and that means some things you were so stressed about the first time around can slip through the cracks with baby number two.


Mary Katherine Backstrom of the blog Mom Babble realizes that her little girl might have "second baby syndrome," and she admitted this in an honest letter to her youngest child that all busy parents can relate to. "Today I happened to glance at my calendar and realize that you are officially 17 months old," she wrote in her letter, which was shared on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk page on Facebook. "I feel bad about that, because your brother got a monthly Facebook update his entire first two years, complete with a collage and list of milestones achieved. You have gotten none of those things."

This mom of two admits that she had to dig looking for a photo of the two of them alone and this was the best she could find. So like other things in her second child's life, she’s going to have to make do with Mom's best effort instead of being too picky. "We don't get too many moments alone, sweetie. You entered this world as part of our chaotic family and your toddler brother is constantly inventing ways to get hurt," she wrote. "I am always setting you in a pack 'n' play, or turning on Mickey Mouse, or strapping you in a high chair so I can dart across the house and pull [your brother] down from the ceiling fans."

Mom and crying baby
Mom Babble by Mary Katherine Backstrom/Facebook

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Yet, her little girl doesn't fuss over this divided attention or wonder why things couldn't be calmer or kept to a rigid schedule. "God bless you, you just smile and laugh like that is totally normal," she wrote. "I guess, for you, it is."

However, as a second child herself, Mary Katherine realizes there's something she didn't understand until she was a parent -- and she wants her own baby to learn this lesson much earlier. "My attention may be divided disproportionately, but my heart is not. There is no dividing a mother's love between her babies," she wrote. "Okay, so maybe I have called you by the dog's name once or twice, but my love for you is fierce."

Even when it feels like Mom is being pulled in a hundred different directions, Mary Katherine wants her daughter to know that her love for her is unique, independent, and stands alone from everything else going on in her sibling's life. “You were born second into this family, but you will never be second in our hearts. Because a mother's love doesn't divide. It multiples," she wrote. "And man, did we get a double dose with you."

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