Video of Dad Stopping His Kid's Bike Crash at the Last Second Has the Internet Freaking Out


Unfortunately, we don’t always get to capture our coolest parenting moments on camera. Sometimes we do something so awesome or extraordinary that we can hardly believe it. While teaching his son how to ride a bike, one dad performed an amazing feat that saved his kid's hide and has some labeling him as a hero. Others, however, aren't as sold on the idea.

  • At face value, the clip is actually pretty wholesome.

    Supportive dad, eager son, a bicycle, and a seemingly safe neighborhood street. All of these things are the makings of a great "first bike ride" experience. 

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    Of course, things go sideways pretty quickly when the kid starts riding head-first toward a parked SUV. The dad, running along beside him, takes only a split second to keep his son from suffering major injury by snatching him off his bike and out of the way before he crashes. 

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  • Impressive move, right?

  • Well, not everyone who saw the clip thought so.

    Their main gripe with the entire thing seemed to be that the little boy riding the bike definitely wasn't wearing a helmet or any other safety gear. 

  • Instead of congratulating the dad on his save, they reprimanded him for putting his kid in unnecessary danger.

  • "True dad reflexes would be making your kid who doesn't know how to ride a bike wear a helmet," one commenter wrote.


  • Other people came to his defense ... kind of.

    While they didn't seem to agree or disagree with the rest of the people in the comment section, they did mention that their father probably wouldn't have been as keen to save them as the dad in the clip was with his son. 

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  • Whether you feel like the reactions to this dad's "save" were warranted or not, you have to admit that you were happy to see a serious disaster avoided. We know we were.