Girl Gets Her Dad With the Best Prank We've Ever Seen

Dad prank
Taylor Marie/Facebook

There's nothing like a strong father-daughter bond, and when that relationship is infused with a great sense of humor, there's nothing better. Luckily for Craig Tansey, he agrees with this, because after the epic prank his daughter pulled off, not all parents would be laughing. But when Craig was home sick from work, he fell victim to Taylor's trick when she "pestered" him into letting her give him a relaxing facial. 

  • Taylor is a 17-year-old who has an amazing sense of humor -- at her dad's expense.

    After scheming up the perfect prank, this teenager came up with an epic and pretty effortless way to get her dad.

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  • After some cajoling, Taylor convinced Craig to try a relaxing "facial treatment" that would help close his pores.

    The unsuspecting dad trusted his little girl and decided to give the "facial" a try.

  • However, it wasn't until Craig went to wash off the glowing mask that he realized something was seriously wrong.

    As he started scrubbing away what he thought was a peel-off mask -- only to find his skin a completely different tone -- Craig was in shock while Taylor was in hysterics. 

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  • It turns out that Taylor had swapped the facial with self-tanner, and despite his repeated scrubbing, it wouldn't wash off.

    Friends and family thought the results were just as funny as Taylor, and everyone had a laugh at Craig's suspense. 

  • Panicked at first because he had a big meeting the next morning, Craig quickly realized that no amount of soap was getting rid of his awkward tan.

    Craig couldn't wash it away, and just because he gave up and decided to embrace the new look doesn't mean that he won't be plotting a revenge prank eventually. "At first I was really upset about it due to having a meeting the following day. The more I washed my face and realized it wasn't coming off, the funnier it got," he tells CafeMom. "My warning would be, get your daughter to try whatever she is trying to put on your face first."

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  • Well played, Taylor, well played!