Mom Issues Urgent Warning After Son Loses His Eye to Common Christmas Decoration

Nicole Mackintosh Leo/Facebook

The world is full of things that are dangerous for kids, and while it definitely isn't healthy to constantly dwell on those things, it is important to be aware of them. Whether it's button batteries or blind cords, parents everywhere use the Internet to warn others about common household items that pose serious dangers to little ones. And after her 14-month-old lost his eye, one mother is issuing her own scary warning about Christmas stocking holders.


"Not a fun post, but an important one as you begin decorating for the holidays," mom Nicole Mackintosh Leo said in her Facebook post. From there, Nicole discussed an incident that occurred years ago in her home around Christmastime -- one that ultimately resulted in her son's life changing forever. 

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"Three years ago, my son (then 14 months) was at home with his nanny when he pulled on a Christmas stocking," she wrote, "and the weighted stocking holder fell and hit him directly in his left eye."

Nicole Mackintosh Leo/Facebook

Nicole said she rushed her son, Graham, to the emergency room, where he was checked out by multiple doctors. Unfortunately, his injuries were much more severe than originally thought, leaving the 14-month-old with irreparable damage to his left eye. "The doctors determined that the damage was too extensive and that he would need to have his eye removed," Nicole wrote. 

Just one week after the the stocking holder fell on him, Graham underwent an enucleation (eye removal) surgery at a children's hospital.

Even after the tragic events, Nicole says that her son's story "has a happy ending." The little boy came away with a "flawless" prosthetic eye and seems to remain in great spirits despite his loss. "He is one of the silliest, bravest, most fun-loving boys I know. He plays soccer, T-ball, and he loves swimming," Nicole says. "We are lucky."

Still, the concerned mother decided to share her son's story in hopes that other parents would heed the warning for something they may not have thought of as being dangerous before. "I hope by posting this, I'm raising awareness," she wrote. 

Nicole says that she hopes parents reconsider using weighted stocking holders altogether, instead choosing safer alternatives like Command hooks that are much less dense to hang their Christmas stockings and decorations. 

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She is also encouraging folks to share her family's story so that others can be aware of the risks. "Please share," she pleaded in her Facebook post. "Please help us raise awareness."

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