Dad Thinks He Accidentally Found His Daughter's Sex Toy & the Conversation Is So Awkward


Having the sex talk with kids can be kind of awkward, but finding what you think is one of their sex toys? Forget about it. That's the horror one dad went through when he thought he found a vibrator in his teen's bedroom. Spoiler alert: It was not a vibrator -- but the text conversation they had in order to figure that out is the most cringeworthy thing ever.

  • The daughter, Emily, posted the awkward text conversation on Twitter.

    Apparently, she was hanging out at a friend's house when her dad decided to snoop through her room (bad idea, Dad!). The item he found? A pink phone charger. But the poor confused father thought it was something much more X-rated, and he immediately texted his daughter to call her out for her "disgusting purchases."

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  • Hold on to your hats, folks. It's about to get weird.

  • Emily, of course, was like, "DAD WHAT DO U THINK THAT IS?"

    To which he responded by saying that it looked like "those things people buy at Spencer's" -- you know, sex toys.

  • Once Emily clarified that her "sex toy" was actually a phone charger, she demanded to know why her dad was snooping in her room.

    The dad apologized and said he was just looking for Chapstick.

  • He even added the famous last words of dads who are going to be in serious trouble later: "Don't tell ur mom."

  • Naturally, the saga had people on Twitter riveted and asking important questions, like did he find the Chapstick?

  • Others wanted to know why it even matters if the teen has a vibrator.

    Surprisingly, this isn't the first time paranoid parents have stumbled upon something they assumed was a sex toy in their kids' possession. Over the summer a mom went viral when she thought her daughter's plastic water cup was a dildo. This parenting thing is a tough gig as is -- let's all try to ease up on imagining everyday objects are dirty, dirty sex toys.