Mom Asks Son's Kindergarten Class to Ban 'Sleeping Beauty' & Sparks a Major Debate


To most of us, it's common knowledge that the original fairy tales were filled with horrible, unspeakable things, like murder and violence. But one mom from England started a huge controversy when she took issue with a beloved classic fairy tale that many people don't have a problem with. Sarah Hall asked her son's school to remove Sleeping Beauty from her 6-year-old's curriculum because it's "inappropriate" -- and now people are striking back against her claims.


  • On Twitter, Sarah Hall wrote that her son's schoolbook was teaching kids a bad lesson by promoting "inappropriate sexual behavior."

    We've all seen the Disney movie, where Aurora is awakened by Prince Philip after pricking her finger on an enchanted spindle and falling into a deep, endless sleep. But is it possible that this act could be mistaken for inappropriate touching?

    Hall seems to think so. According to Metro, the 40-year-old mom is worried that the story could teach her son, Ben, that it's okay to kiss a woman while she sleeps, and she asked school officials if the fairy tale could be taken off the curriculum, though only for the younger classes.

    "I don't think taking Sleeping Beauty books out of circulation completely would be right," Hall said. "I actually think it would be a great resource for older children, you could have a conversation around it, you could talk about consent, and how the princess might feel. I'm really concerned about it for younger children ... [M]y son is only 6, he absorbs everything he sees, and it isn't as if I can turn it into a constructive conversation."

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  • Even though Hall isn't advocating that the story be taken off the curriculum for all children, the Internet is furious.

    Twitter, in particular, blew up, with one woman telling Hall that she had "NO right to take away history from children just because [she sees] something threatening in it."

  • Some of the responses even attacked the mom personally.

  • But not everyone was so angry, like this father who thanked Hall on behalf of his teenage daughter.

    Hall was inspired to voice her concerns in the wake of the Twitter campaign #MeToo, which seeks to bring awareness to sexual assault -- and the ongoing Harvey Weinstein allegations that have shaken up Hollywood. 

    She surmises that the lessons we teach our children are gradual, and many things can contribute to their behavior -- including the things they read. According to Metro, she said, "These are indicative of how ingrained that kind of behavior is in society. All these small things build up, and they make a difference."