This Couple Is Naming Their Baby After Olive Garden & the Internet Can't Handle It

Justin Garton/Twitter

Everyone has their own process for choosing baby names: some draw inspiration from those giant, name-filled books; others pay homage to beloved relatives; and then there are those who decide to throw tradition completely out of the window and name their kids after their favorite things -- including a delicious restaurant. Inspired by their favorite place to dine, one Olive Garden–loving couple has decided to give their new daughter a name bearing a striking resemblance to the restaurant, both confusing and delighting the Internet at the same time. 

  • Justin Garton and his wife Jordan really love Olive Garden.

    So much so that they have decided to name their daughter, due in early December, something that would commemorate their favorite chain restaurant: Olivia Garton.

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    Both Jordan and Justin grew up eating at Olive Garden, but it wasn't until shortly after their wedding in 2015 that their enthusiasm turned into outright love. After purchasing a $100 never-ending pasta pass, the Arkansas couple ate their fill at Olive Garden every day for weeks. "We committed to eating there every day for six or seven weeks to get our money's worth," Justin told ABC News. "It saved us several hundred dollars when we really needed it."

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  • After finding out they were pregnant earlier this year, the couple didn't want to wait to choose a name.

    Both Justin and Jordan agreed that they wanted to give their daughter a name that was representative of her Italian roots. While they liked the name Olive, they decided to skip over it, fearing that it would sound too similar to the restaurant when combined with their last name. 

    They decided to go with Olivia instead, claiming that they "immediately" felt like it was perfect for their little girl. "We were able to make the joke, but a little more subtle, and it's still a pretty name," said Justin. "It was definitely an easy decision."

    Happy with their unborn child's moniker, Justin took to Twitter to officially announce the name they would be giving their baby girl.

  • Of course, it wasn't long before people started trolling the excited dad.

  • Some went so far as to call the parents "stupid" and imply that there were doing it all for media attention; others accused the couple of setting their daughter up for a lifetime of being bullied. 

  • Plenty even spoke out to defend Justin and Jordan's controversial name choice for their baby girl.

  • Among those defending the couple was Olive Garden, which said on Twitter that it was planning on sending the Garton family a few gifts in the form of breadsticks. 

    A spokesperson from Olive Garden even spoke with ABC News, saying, "We couldn't have been more thrilled upon hearing about the Gartons' growing family. We always love hearing the unique ways our guests have been able to connect with Olive Garden, and we can't wait to meet baby Olivia."

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  • Another exciting twist comes in the form of the baby's middle name.

    The couple has chosen to follow Justin's family tradition and is giving little Olivia a middle name after one of his siblings. 

    With this addition, the little girl's initials will officially be O.M.G. "I guess we just have to be those hashtag millennial parents," Jordan said. 

    We sincerely hope that in celebration of Olivia's unique name, Olive Garden blesses baby Olivia and her dedicated parents with enough breadsticks and pasta to last them a lifetime. 

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