Here’s How Much Parents Are Paying for Babysitters All Over the Country

There are a lot of nerve-wracking things about booking a babysitter but one of the biggest concerns for most parents is how much to pay. When we were kids, it was acceptable to pay some 12-year-old six bucks an hour to watch us bounce off the walls but now? The times have changed, and Urbansitter just released their 2017 National Childcare Rate Study that gives the dirty details on how much people are spending on babysitters all over the country.

  • The site surveyed 20,000 families across the US and found that the average rate for a babysitter is $15.20 per hour.

    The average rate for a nanny is $16.45 per hour, and of course both of these rates go up when the sitter or nanny is expected to watch more than one child. San Francisco took the title for highest sitter rate, with parents paying an average of $17.34 per hour for one child. New York came in second place at $16.89, followed by Seattle at $16.42. Surprisingly, Denver came in with the cheapest sitter rate at $12.22 per hour for one child.

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  • A third of parents revealed they hire a sitter at least once a week.

    Parents also revealed they're willing to pay more for holiday care, special skills, or a sitter who is just extremely popular, and 90 percent of parents said they require references at least some or all of the time.

  • Moms and dads also revealed their biggest babysitter annoyances.

    Surprisingly, not too many parents care about social media use by sitters, but cancellations and not cleaning up were big on the parental list of babysitter no-nos. A whopping 35 percent revealed they're sick of coming home to messes after a long night out.

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  • The prices we pay for sitters and our personal pet peeves can vary a lot, but one thing is clear: we place a high value on great childcare.

    That's why nearly half of parents surveyed admitted they spend over $1,000 per year on babysitters or nannies. There's no doubt that childcare is one of parents' biggest expenses, but we all need a night out every now and then, and when you find a great sitter whom your kids love and trust, it's worth every penny.

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