This Mom Will Damn Well Breastfeed at Disney Despite the Scowlers

Mom breastfeeding at Disney
Brittni Medina‎

There's only one thing more magical than Disneyland and that's the chance to visit Disney during the holiday season. However, one mom quickly learned that despite the family-friendly location filled with Christmas cheer, there's still always going to be scrooges judging you when you're a breastfeeding mom. But when it comes to feeding her child, Brittni Medina is simply going to let the haters scowl as she continues to nurses her child -- even if they make a scene over it at the happiest place on earth.


The California mom explained that she and her husband are annual pass holders and were excited to take their little one to not only see all of the Christmas decorations but also to get family holiday pictures. After standing in a long line to take the seasonal photo, 10-month-old Micah got hungry. So without hesitating, this mom began to nurse him while continuing to wait in line.

 Women standing in line behind her had a problem with her feeding her child in public and not only made faces at her but also suggested in disgust that she should leave. “These ladies were seriously saying I should have found a restroom. I covered with my first son and to be honest, people complain and stare no matter what," she tells CafeMom. "But I couldn’t believe they were being like this at Disney! It's meant for kids."

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Mom breastfeeding at Disney
Brittni Medina

Instead of letting these women bully her into covering up or leaving her place in line, Brittni ignored them and continued nursing. After several minutes of hearing them complain about her behind her back, Brittni posed for an amazing photo (in addition to the family snapshot they were planning on taking). "I scooted so they could be in the frame to get a picture. I didn't know my husband actually got them so good -- mid-complaining!” she says. "I love it because it shows I’m happy and proud to feed my baby even in a crowd! He's happy, my husband and I were happy. It's sad how people get so bothered!"

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that Brittni has had to deal with people who had a problem with her nursing her baby in public. "People get so mad anywhere I go. Most smile or look away but almost every time theres the few that look angry or like they saw a ghost" she says. "I was tired of hiding to make others happy. My son loves eating whenever. He knows I would never deny him to make others comfortable."

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Family at Disneyland
Brittni Medina/Facebook

For Brittni, this situation wasn't just unthinkable because she was being shamed for nourishing her child at Disney but also because the judgements came from fellow women. "I'm sad that especially women are shaming moms for feeding uncovered. I was tired of people being so indirectly rude!" she says. "So now I don't care; I'll feed whenever and where every. In a house or on a train; in a car or a plane!"

Brittni decided to share her empowering photo to hopefully give other moms strength to stand up to the mommy shamers in their lives -- no matter who they are or where they come across them. "I would love for other moms to not have to feel like they have to cover. My sons get hot and stuffy," she says. "They need to know it's normal and ok!"

 Brittni has been overwhelmed by the positive response she's received since posting the image and hopes that her positive message continues to spread. "So many have commented saying they wish they had the confidence. I want them to find it and let it shine! Feed anywhere and everywhere!" she says. "I took the photo in hopes that it inspires mamas to uncover if they wish! To find the confidence to say, 'Screw everyone else! As long as my baby's happy!'”


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