Mom Slams Magazine Offering Tips on How to Wax a Preschooler's 'Mustache'


Preschoolers have plenty of things to "worry" about: Mastering the potty, learning their ABCs, figuring out which shoe goes on which foot. So far, the issue of unwanted facial hair has been pretty low on that list of concerns -- but that could be changing, according to Parents magazine, and one mom is calling out the publication for sending a harmful message to young kids with a how-to on removing facial hair ... on your preschooler.


Instagram user @sturdymomcentral recently posted a pic of a Parents magazine spread featuring an adorable blonde toddler holding a pretend mustache over her lips. "Normal or Not? Hair on a Preschooler's Upper Lip," it reads. 


The accompanying text points out that while "thick and coarse hair on a little girl or boy's upper lip is only a problem when it starts to impact their happiness and self-esteem," there are courses of action to take if that's the case: Parents can cut the hair with "small, straight-blade scissors" or, if the hair is too short to cut, go the waxing/plucking route (as long as the child can "handle the discomfort," that is). Bleaching, thankfully, is not recommended, as it can irritate the skin.

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If this entire idea sounds completely absurd to you, Sturdymomcentral feels your pain. As she said in her caption:

"I am APPALLED at @parents magazine for this article stating that it is okay to wax or pluck your PRESCHOOLER’S ‘mustache.’ The featured picture even makes me angry. What is this teaching our young children about appearances? It is absurd! #parentsmagazine #sturdymomcentral#bodyimagemovement"/
As a mother of three with my own frustrations and fears surrounding our society's unhealthy preoccupation with physical perfection, of course I understand how she feels. Sure, at some point or another your child -- boy or girl -- will probably start to worry about the amount of hair on his or her upper lip, but that day hopefully won't come until middle school at the earliest. Preschoolers shouldn't be the least bit aware of whether or not their appearance meets the bogus standards of acceptability we're all subject to.

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I can't say with any authority that there aren't little ones out there who really are embarrassed about their upper lip hair and can, presumably, "handle the discomfort" of removal. I'm sure the Parents article was intended to be useful for the moms and dads of those hypothetical children. But maybe it would have helped if they'd also included some tips on how to promote self-esteem in kids without altering their appearance? Or the importance of body positivity and diversity?

CafeMom reached out to Parents magazine for comment, but did not immediately receive a response. Surely this article wasn't meant to appall readers, but "wax" and "pluck" don't seem like words any preschooler needs in his or her vocabulary.

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