NFL Star Who Lost His Baby Speaks Out in Emotional Interview With His Wife

CBS News

Earlier this week, San Francisco 49ers star Marquise Goodwin went public with the tragic loss of his baby. The heartbroken dad shared a photo of his stillborn son on Instagram, along with a message about his grief and the unwavering strength of his wife. The photo went viral after Goodwin scored an 83-yard touchdown and celebrated with an emotional tribute to his son. Now, Goodwin and his wife have shared even more about their devastating loss in a raw interview with CBS This Morning.

  • "Imagine having something that you want more than anything in the world, and you get it, and it's just stripped away from you," Goodwin told CBS.

    The Goodwins' baby boy was stillborn on Sunday, November 12, after Marquise's wife, Morgan, went into premature labor at 19 weeks. "I would give my life up if I could have my boy," Marquise Goodwin told CBS through tears. "That's the one thing I wanted more than anything in the world."

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  • Despite their heartbreaking loss, Goodwin still took to the field on Sunday, and he shares that it was his wife who told him to go play.

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    "It was actually Morgan's idea that I go play in the game," he revealed. "For me, my intentions were to be with her the whole time."

    But Morgan, who was Goodwin's college sweetheart and has been married to him for almost two years, said she told him to go because "I want your son to see you play."

  • After the game, both parents shared heartbreaking photos of their stillborn son on Instagram.

    They say people immediately started sharing stories of their own losses, and the outpouring of support has helped them cope. "We got some really supportive responses," Morgan said. "Especially from a lot of women who've also been through the same thing, not just once, but twice sometimes and three times."

    "Without the support everyone has shown, I don't know if we would be as good as we are right now," Marquise added.

  • For now, the couple say they're holding on to each other and to their faith to help them get through their grief.

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    The pair will celebrate their second wedding anniversary later this year, and they say that while they'll always carry the loss of their son with them, they are still grateful for each and every day they had with him and with each other. "With faith you can do anything, and with love you can do even more," Marquise said. "Love conquers all."

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