This Video of a Baby Kicking Herself Out of the Womb Is a Must-See


Finding out that your baby is in the breech position can be distressing news for an expectant mom -- especially if she spent her last trimester envisioning a vaginal delivery. When a little one is presenting bottom-first instead of head-first during those final weeks, doctors often decide to deliver via C-section, which can cause added stress for mamas-to-be. However, despite this change in birth plans, one doctor captured just how miraculous this kind of delivery can be thanks to a feisty newborn and her impressive first kicks that will leave you speechless.


Dr. Jham Frank Lugo, an obstetrician in Venezuela, shared a mesmerizing video on Instagram that gives a rare look at just how precious a breech C-section birth can be. After doctors make the incision, a tiny foot is guided into the world, and as she experiences freedom from the womb with her toes curled, her second leg comes kicking out. Before being turned and gently delivered, the little one enjoys a precious moment of trying to finish delivering herself with a few more impressive kicks.

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According to the American Pregnancy Association, 1 in every 25 births is a breech delivery, but chances are you've never seen one quite as adorable as this little womb kicker!

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