Mom Publicly 'Shames' Her Son for Misbehaving in School & Sparks a Major Debate

Demetris Payne/Facebook

All parents have different ways of disciplining their children, and what works for some families may not work for others. Generally, people are pretty open to letting parents discipline in whatever way they see fit, but the rise of moms and dads choosing to display their kids' punishments on social media has changed that. After publicly "shaming"/ her son on Facebook following a suspension from school, one mom has sparked a major debate about the fairness of this controversial technique.


After her son was suspended from school for three days, mom Demetris Payne decided to forego simply grounding him or taking away his cell phone. Instead, she offered his free yard work services to anyone who needed them.

Demetris Payne/Facebook

In order to spread the word, she advertised the services on Facebook. In addition to a photo of her son, she wrote, "My son has been suspended for 3 days from school and for discipline, he will do your lawn service. He will rake your yard, mow if [you] supply [a] mower, pick up trash, or wash your car for free. Maximum 3hr. If anyone has a rake they would like to donate will be awesome. And he will do it all for free..." 

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Demetris Payne/facebook

Unsurprisingly, people reached out to the mother, hoping to help teach the teenager some valuable lessons and take advantage of the free yard work as well. For the next three days, the mother posted updates on her Facebook account in the form of photos. From there, news of her unique disciplinary technique spread pretty quickly. 

Many people were eager to praise Demetris for taking the initiative to show her son that something as serious as school suspension comes with consequences. Some even suggested that her posting about it on Facebook only aided in teaching him those lessons. 

WDCU News/Facebook

Demetris Payne/Facebook

Other people disagreed completely, lambasting the mother for publicly "shaming" her son and insisting that discipline should be done only in the home and not shown to others on social media. 

They argued that forcing the teenager to have his punishments so highly publicised was "demeaning" and "unacceptable." 

WDSU News/Facebook

WDSU News/Facebook

While Demetris has yet to respond to any of the negative comments, she has issued a short statement on her Facebook page thanking those who supported her decision. "Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement. I'm so honored," she wrote. 

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Demetris Payne's public punishment of her son certainly wasn't as extreme as some things we've seen in the past, but with her story now being picked up by both local and international news outlets, we're not sure we're going to see the debate around this topic die down anytime soon.

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