People Are Slamming This Mom for 'Traumatizing' Her Daughter With a Burned Baby Doll

Brittany Lewandowski/Facebook

As parents, we walk a fine line with our kids. We want them to feel safe, loved, and secure at all times. But we also want to be able to laugh with them and show them the sometimes dire consequences of their actions. After one little girl almost caused one of her treasured baby dolls to catch on fire, mom Brittany Lewandowski showed the toddler the charred, melted toy as both a joke and a warning of what could happen if she does that again. She shared a video of the girl's horrified reaction, and now other parents are slamming Lewandowski, claiming she purposely taunted and traumatized her daughter.

  • In a post on Facebook, Lewandowski shared that her daughter, Quinn, put her baby doll in the broiler to "take a nap."

    Later, Lewandoski decided to make some cookies and didn't check inside the appliance before she turned it on. Needless to say, Quinn's doll was well done.

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  • The amused mom decided to reveal the horror show of a baby doll to her kid, and that's when all hell broke loose.

    In a video that's since gone viral, you can see the little girl bawling at the site of her mangled doll as her mom laughs in the background. Her little brother tries to comfort her, saying, "It's okay, we'll get you a new one."

  • Some people thought the video was funny, but others called the mom out for traumatizing her daughter.

  • Others chastised her for not checking the oven and "laughing at [her] devastated child."

  • And one claimed Quinn doesn't feel emotionally secure around her own parents.

  • Of course, not everyone agreed with the people slamming this mom over her video. A few reached out to defend Brittany and say eff the haters.

  • Lewandowski, on the other hand, took the criticism in stride.

  • Later she added, "She is not traumatized. She wasn't sad at the actual melted baby ... She later laughed at the doll when I threw it in the trash. If I need to be worried about a melted doll traumatizing my child for the rest of her life she has a rude awakening for the future."

    As we all know, people on the Internet will look for literally any excuse to judge other moms. Whether you think Brittany was way out of line or her story belongs on America's Funniest Home Videos, one thing is certainly clear: It might be time to put a lock on that oven.