Forget the Terrible Twos: Parents Share Hilarious Reasons 1-Year-Olds Are Actually the Worst Emer Akbas

baby making a face Emer Akbas

Long before you become a parent, you hear horror stories about the so-called terrible twos. Most 2-year-olds are moody and sassy; they make huge messes; they're potty trained ... but not quite; and they delight in doing whatever it is that you absolutely do not want them to do at any given moment. But, after a particularly rough day with a toddler, one parent hopped on Reddit to illuminate others on a lesser-known terror to parents: the "terrible ones."

  • "Oh my goodness can this girl throw a tantrum," the exhausted parent wrote of her 1-year-old daughter.

    "I didn't expect to get to this stage for another year but every time we have to pull her away from something, it turns into the most dramatic thing ever," she explains. "I've never met someone so strong-willed ..."

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  • This parent thought she was just venting about a crappy personal experience, but then dozens of other parents were immediately like, "OMG SAME!"

  • They started swapping war stories about their own trouble with 1-year-olds, like this parent who's basically a prisoner in his own home.

  • Then there are the 1-year-old biters -- what is up with that??

  • Some 1-year-olds are very advanced. For example, this toddler displays a degree of rage that's well beyond his years.

  • And, for breastfeeding moms, let's just say 1-year-olds present lots of new and, um, exciting challenges.

  • The toddler years don't last forever -- but they can certainly feel that way.

  • These babies aren't in their terrible twos, and they certainly aren't threenagers yet, but don't get it twisted: The terrible ones are legit.

    We're rooting for you, parents.