Humiliated Mom Asks for Advice on How to Handle Her 'Racist' 6-Year-Old


So many of our kids' behaviors are entirely learned; if they see us being kind, they'll do the same. If they hear us giving out compliments, they'll follow suit. Unfortunately, not all learned behaviors are positive ones. After learning that her 6-year-old daughter has begun exhibiting racist behaviors, one mom is asking for advice. 


"I'm really embarrassed writing this," the mom who goes by Hannah B. on the NetMums messages boards wrote. "... There's a really long backstory which I won't go into but basically my daughter doesn't like black people."

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According to the mom, these behaviors are being rubbed off on the little girl by her father, whom Hannah is not currently in a relationship with. "He's been saying things to our children," she wrote, sharing that her 8-year old son has hasn't paid any attention to his father's words, and has even gone so far as to call him a "bully." But her little girl is a different story.

"My daughter ... has taken in everything he has said to her and won't listen when I tell her it's wrong and try to explain why," the frustrated mom wrote. "I'm at a loss as to what to do now I don't want her growing up racist and thinking these things."

The other moms in the forum reached out to offer advice to the struggling woman. One woman tasked Hannah with expanding her daughter's friend group to include more diverse faces, in addition to sitting her down and trying to help her empathize with people from other races.

Another woman said Hannah's daughter may already know that what she's saying is wrong and is simply trying to push boundaries. In that case, she suggested that Hannah amp up her disciplinary tactics in order to make the little girl see that her actions are unacceptable. 

This woman was one of a few who even suggested that Hannah take steps to alert the authorities to the fact that the child's father is engaging in acts that are harmful to the child.

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Ultimately, the women in the forum were extremely nonjudgmental. Just about everyone agreed that the situation with Hannah's daughter wasn't so much that she was a racist but rather that she was exhibiting racist behaviors taught to her by someone else. The general consensus was that Hannah should definitely take actions to combat the issue now while the little girl is still young and before her father's actions enable her to hurt anyone.

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