Moms Reveal What's Actually Inside This Year's Hottest Toy

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The "L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise" ball is, admittedly, pretty confusing. Lauded as the year's hottest toy, it's a giant spherical ball that was inspired by those addictive "unboxing" videos kids love to watch online, and it's stuffed with all kinds of unknown "surprises" that are supposed to drive kids crazy. The mysterious nature of the toy has parents everywhere wondering what the hell is in it. And after taking one for the team and purchasing one for her daughter, one mom is revealing what's actually inside the ball.


The L.O.L. Big Surprise doesn't seem like much of a toy at first. It's big and glittery, sure, but otherwise looks like one of those old-school makeup Caboodles everyone used to carry around in the '90s. And that seems to be the entire point.

For about $69.99 at Target and a whopping $130 on Amazon, the L.O.L. Big Surprise claims to be full of 50 different toys and surprises to keep kids excited and entertained for a long time. A huge part of the appeal is that neither you nor your kids have any clue what you're going to find when you open it.

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Seeing how popular the toys had gotten, mom Ciara Umar decided to purchase one for her daughter. When she opened it, she claims she was less than thrilled with what she found inside. "So Elisa got the big lol surprise today, I would [definitely] not recommend if you don't want to waste your money," she wrote in her Facebook post. 

big lol surprise
Ciara Umar/Facebook

Attached to her post were pictures of some of the things inside the box, including what appeared to be about three tiny dolls, some clothing items for the dolls, and a few balls. Many people jumped in to proclaim it a total waste of money.

Surprisingly, most people have been pretty hush-hush about what's really inside. We suspect that this is mostly due to wanting to keep the "surprise" alive for those who haven't purchased one yet. While what we saw in Ciara Umar's Facebook post was certainly mediocre at best, others are arguing that her photos were misleading and left out a lot of what was in the box. 

Mom Kelly Thomson also shared a photo of everything that was in the L.O.L. Big Surprise she bought her daughter, and it looks a lot cooler.

Kelly Thomson/Facebook

lol big surprise reveal
Kelly Thomson/Facebook

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MGA Entertainment, the company that owns and makes L.O.L. Big Surprise, claims that each item is filled with a wide range of toys, accessories, and even clothes for kids to enjoy. But the company does also state that there are no other variations of the L.O.L. Big Surprise, meaning everyone who buys one gets the exact same thing.

Honestly, whether or not the L.O.L. Big Surprise is worth the hefty price tag probably depends on your kids. If they're easily surprised and super excited to have one, the joy that comes with "unboxing" everything inside might be enough to make them love it. If not, it may be best to wait for next year's "hottest toy" to reveal itself.

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