Overwhelmed Mom Wants to Know If It's Mean to Rewrap Her Girl's Birthday Presents for Christmas


We all want our kids to have memorable birthdays and happy Christmases, but unfortunately in this day and age, most of us are sick of our kids having so much stuff. How many gifts are too many gifts? Or, as one mom wondered, is it okay to regift presents from her daughter's birthday for Christmas just so she doesn't have to buy more junk?

  • In a post on Mumsnet, this mom wondered if reusing gifts for a 3-year-old was a no-no ... especially if the presents were originally birthday gifts.

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    In her post, the mom explains that she had already been parceling out the gifts to her daughter weekly. But now she wondered if she could just regift the whole lot again for Christmas.

    "Will she remember unwrapping them for the first time?" she asks. 

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  • Some parents thought the idea of reusing gifts the toddler had already opened was actually pretty mean.

  • One person writes, "I wouldn't regift someone else's present."

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  • This person doesn't like the thought that other people's money was used to "prop up someone else's Christmas."

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  • The OP did pop back into the discussion to defend herself; she's not stingy, she just doesn't want to have the clutter!

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  • While the comments overwhelmingly sided against this poor mom, there were a few who admitted they too regift old toys.

  • "I was caught out a couple of times," admits this parent.

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  • "She's 3 and won't care or remember ..." another mom wrote.

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  • Based on the majority of comments, though, it seems that when it comes to reusing gifts, the consensus is: JUST SAY NO.