Mom Lets Her 10-Year-Old Make Dinner & the Result Is Hilariously NSFW

kid makes dinner

There's never a dull moment when you have kids around, whether they're inventing some crazy new contraption, trying out a surprising new cuss word in front of Grandma, or, in the case of one mom on Twitter, inventing a truly disturbing (and effing hilarious) new family meal.

  • Mom Sarah Adamson recently tweeted that her 10-year-old made "unicorn sausage" for dinner.

    It sounds innocent, right? Almost friendly. Like a magical rainbow sausage with edible glitter or something.

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  • For the record, this is what unicorn sausage looks like.

    That's right. Enjoy the view.

  • It's very, um ... tall? Yeah, that's the word we're looking for.

    The amused mom even asked if she should Instagram the recipe -- you know, in case any folks want to recreate it for a special event, like Thanksgiving or their next Christmas party. The in-laws will love it.

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  • In the kid's defense, he or she definitely aced the whole horn thing.

    I mean, that is without a doubt the "horniest" looking dinner on the Internet.

  • The photos were shared on the popular Facebook page The Unmumsy Mum, where they quickly went viral, because duh.

  • Some even shared their own kids' kitchen masterpieces.

  • But a lot of people were still impressed with the 10-year-old's kitchen skills, even if he or she does need a little tutorial on presentation.

  • Luckily, Adamson has a killer sense of humor.

    If she ever does buy that website domain, something tells me a lot of parents will have photos to submit.