Mom Struggles With the Difficult Reason Her Sister-in-Law Refuses to See Her Baby

mom kissing baby

For couples who are struggling to conceive, one of the most difficult things in the world is being around new babies. It's totally understandable that someone facing infertility might have complicated feelings about celebrating a pregnancy or seeing a family member's newborn. But one mom is asking the Internet for advice after her sister-in-law, who's been trying to conceive for four years, invited her to a family birthday party but asked that she leave her 4-month-old baby at home because it's "too hard" to be around her.

  • In a post on Mumsnet, the mom said she and her husband were invited to her brother's birthday party -- but only on the grounds that they come alone.

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    To add insult to injury, the mom explained that her sister-in-law has invited other young nieces and newphews from her own side of the family. It appears the original poster is the only one being asked not to bring their baby.

    "Would I be unreasonable to take this personally?" the mom wrote. "It's very hard to be singled out because obviously I won't be going anywhere without her."

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  • Many of the commenters agreed that while infertility is certainly devastating, the sister-in-law was being pretty shady in her exclusion.

  • One person told her to skip the party entirely.

  • Others told her to call her sister-in-law out immediately.

  • Some wondered if, perhaps, there was more to the story than the original poster was letting on.

  • "Any chance she could have been pregnant around the same time as you and had a MC [miscarriage]?" one asked.

  • But many people stood up for the sister-in-law, reminding everyone on the thread that they have no idea what this woman is feeling right now.

  • "Give her a break," one person wrote. "It will be truly horrific for her to see your baby."

    Right or wrong, this sister-in-law is clearly struggling right now. We just hope she and her family can find a way to get through this together.