Daycare Worker Fired After Stranger Finds Crying Toddler Locked Outside

daycare where child was locked outside
Fox 46

Every time we drop our kids off at school or daycare we are entrusting these institutions with, first and foremost, the safety of our children. That's why it's just as infuriating as it is scary to find out our kids have been harmed while in their care. A daycare in Charlotte, North Carolina, is under fire after a woman found a toddler locked outside of his daycare center all alone in the middle of the day. 


Tina Quizon works right next door to the Sunshine Kids Learning Academy, so when she heard a child crying outside, she decided to see what was happening. At around 5:40 p.m. -- near the daycare's usual closing time -- Tina spotted a little boy locked outside at the back of the center. 

"Your mind races everywhere because the sign on the center says they close at 5:30," she local Fox 46 News. "This was clearly 5:40 -- and I thought, 'my goodness, has this child been left behind?'"

Unsure if she should approach the child, Tina decided to take a video of him with her phone and take it inside the daycare center to show someone.

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When she entered the facility, Tina says the reaction from the workers stunned her. In addition to allegedly being completely unaware that a child was missing, some of them apparently even insisted that the toddler had already gone home. "It was very concerning," she said. "They didn't seem to know where this child was."

When Fox 46 went to the daycare center to investigate, they spoke with the school's administrator, Catherine Harrington. She claimed the toddler had been taken outside by his teacher with other students for recess that day. According to her, all students are brought inside around 5:15 p.m. to prepare for pickup and the closing of the facility at 5:30. "The child was with the teacher and as they came into the building; he apparently went back out, right by the door they were going into," Harrington said. 

toddler locked out of daycare alone
Fox 46 News

Trying to discern how long the child had been left outside by himself, a reporter with Fox 46 asked, "So he could've been out there like, 20 minutes?" The administrator replied, "Could've been -- it's a possibility. Yes, ma'am."

Harrington also shared that the child's teacher seemed to have no idea he was missing from her classroom and did not report his absence to anyone in the facility. She also revealed the worker had been fired. "The teacher is no longer employed here as of yesterday," she told Fox 46. "They had to be let go because this is something -- this was serious enough to know that you just have to account for every child -- that's our job."

Despite the incident, Fox 46 reports the child's parents are keeping him enrolled in the Sunshine Kids Learning Academy. But state investigators have been notified of the incident and are still considering whether or not to conduct a formal investigation.

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Luckily, the child escaped the situation completely unharmed, thanks to the quick thinking of Tina Quizon. "I'm just so glad that this had a happy ending," she told Fox 46. "With all the things we're reading lately with children being abducted, it takes a whole community to keep our children safe."

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