Little Girl Books $1,300 Trip to Disneyland After Guessing Her Dad's PayPal Password

kid guesses dad's paypal password
Ian Wilson/Facebook

Stories about kids accidentally racking up serious bills through things like apps and online stores without their parents' permission are always equal parts horrifying and hilarious. Instead of spending a few dollars getting ahead in Candy Crush, one 9-year-old girl took things a step further by booking a $1,300 trip to Disneyland after guessing her dad's PayPal password.


Dad Ian Wilson was completely shocked to come across a charge of £1,005.92 (about $1,300) taken from his PayPal account on the morning of October 27. Knowing that he hadn't made the charge himself, he immediately phoned the company to report that something was amiss with his account. But PayPal gave him some news that was even more shocking. "[PayPal] told me the the payments had been made from a device they deemed normal for me and did not consider it to be fraud," Wilson told Daily Mail

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daughter guesses dad's paypal account password
Ian Wilson/Facebook

From there, the father took a look at his own account, meticulously going over the Internet history on his phone. After he noticed a bevy of Disney sites he hadn't visited, he immediately went to his 9-year-old daughter Susan. "I asked Susan and she said it was her," he said.

Susan had managed to book an entire trip for one at Disneyland Paris while her father was sleeping. Ian had no passcode on his phone and it only took a few tries for his daughter to guess the password to his PayPal account and make the transactions. Ultimately, the little girl spent £400 ($524.44) on flights and hotel gift cards, £214.08 ($280.68) on a VIP trip to the Eiffel Tower, and £391.84 ($513.74) on the Disneyland Express train and tickets for the Disney park.

According to reports from the Daily Mail, the entire trip had been booked through a German-based travel website, though Susan said she had no idea how she'd managed to spend so much money. The 9-year-old claimed she didn't even know what the Eiffel Tower was.

Ian said his daughter was incredibly sorry for her actions. ''She was absolutely brokenhearted and very remorseful. She had no idea what she was doing, I could not even punish her for it,'' he said. 

Still, she didn't fully understand the severity of what she'd done. "She said sorry and promised to help pay it back," Ian said in an interview with the Sun.

In an attempt to get his money back after his daughter's mistake, Ian contacted his personal bank, the companies Susan had booked the trip through, and PayPal. The father claims none of the companies would agree to give him a refund at first. Later, he was contacted by PayPal, which said it would return all of his money on the grounds that the transactions had been classified as "friendly fraud."

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While Susan was luckily able to avoid punishment for her little flub, her parents are making it clear that they have taken steps to ensure that it never happens again. In addition to putting password protection on Ian's phone, they're also working on her own devices. "Susan really knows her way around her tablet but that is completely Internet safe so she can't do things like this," her mother, Tracey, told Mirror UK. "Ian's phone isn't but we will be keeping it out of her way from now on." 

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