Moms Are Slamming These '4 Eyes' Dolls for Shaming Kids With Glasses

four eyes dolls
All parents feel the pressure to find a doll for their daughter that makes her feel good about herself. Barbie has, notoriously, become the symbol of unrealistic beauty ideals with her perfect body and fully made-up face. And the backlash against dolls who show an unrealistic ideal of beauty has resulted in toy makers' attempting to make "real" dolls -- dolls who have freckles, dolls who have more realistic body types, and, for one particular brand sold at Target Australia, dolls who wear glasses. The problem? Well, for all the good that these dolls represent to little girls, two Australian mothers found that the name of the doll fell short -- and is actually a little mean. 

  • The dolls are called "4 Eyes," and for mothers Sara Sutton and Carly Duncan, the oversight is particularly egregious.

    "Surely people noticed!" Carly told the Daily Mail. "It normalizes name-calling and negatively pointing out differences."

    Sara Sutton agrees, telling the Mail, "It's unnecessary and derogatory with very little thought." 

    But as Sutton and Duncan's outrage went viral, a debate was sparked online over whether this concern was an overreaction. 

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  • Many parents on Facebook agreed with Duncan and Sutton that the name had struck a nerve and needed to be changed.

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    Moms and dads were not afraid to sound off about the issue online.

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  • Others, however, felt that the dolls were empowering, no matter what they were called.

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  • Target Australia tells the Daily Mail that it's reviewing the wording on the packaging after growing public outrage.

    The US company that makes the dolls -- World of Entertainment, Publishing and Inspiration -- also weighed in. In a statement, the dolls' creator Dr. Lisa Wilson said, "The concept of '4 Eyes High Five' was designed to help little girls wearing glasses feel a part of a cool club of people -- including myself -- who wear glasses. I truly apologize if my intentions weren't clear and any children or parent was offended. As a survivor of childhood bullying, I understand the pain of being bullied."

    She adds, "In light of the recently discovered information and concerns, the World of EPI will further look into this matter with our partners in manufacturing and distribution."

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  • But as far as our favorite retail store with the big red bullseye goes, we have two words for them: