Parents Are Judging This Mom for Letting Her Older Kid Go Trick-or-Treating This Year

Halloween candy
It's the great Halloween debate that parents disagree over every year: How old is too old to let your kid go trick-or-treating? Some moms and dads are supportive if their older kid and his or her group of friends still want to keep the Halloween magic alive, while others think that "kids" are too old for this tradition once they're out of elementary school. While some people hate the idea of answering the door to a group of rude teens who aren't dressed up and expect to be handed a free loot, others don't know exactly what age is the magic year to say no more trick-or-treating.

  • One mom doesn't know if she should allow her 15-year-old to dress up and go trick-or-treating with her group of friends.

    The anonymous mom posted on Mumsnet asking if others think 15 is too old to still go trick-or-treating. "I've said to her I think she's too old but she would be missing out on a chance to socialize with her (very sensible) friends," she wrote.

    At what age do you tell your kids to figure out a different Halloween plan?

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  • Some agree that there isn't a set age as long as the teens are dressed up, respectful, and in the Halloween spirit!

  • Others feel strongly that 15 is way too old. Period. This is a tradition for kids and should end after elementary school.

  • But some see a middle ground and think that tweens are fine and so are dressed-up teens -- *if* they are taking their younger siblings.

  • Do you care how old your trick-or-treaters are? If so, how old do you think the cut-off should be?