Mom's Plea to Keep Sick Kids at Home: 'School Is Not the Babysitting Club'


This mom from Canada is furious with parents who jeopardize her daughter's health because it's more convenient for them and wants them to realize what can happen if their kids go to school sick. "Today as I took my daughter to school, one of the mothers said her daughter was sick, but she had a lot of things to do, so she was bringing her to school," Maria Jordan tells CafeMom. "The mama bear in me jumped up and tears flowed down my face, as I began to explain the risks of her child being near mine." 

Girl in the hospital

Maria Jordan's daughter, Jordan Grace, has Down syndrome and her mom called out this fellow parent for missing that, when considering whether or not her kid was sick enough to warrant staying home, she neglected to consider what would happen if she got another child sick. "Our precious ones with Down syndrome have a low immune system so if they get sick, some of them may end up in the hospital the way my daughter has, needing breathing treatments and oxygen," she says.
The other mom didn't appreciate Maria Jordan asking her not to send her kid to school if she wasn't feeling well but Maria Jordan knew it was important to stand up for both her girl and that obviously sick child. "Her daughter was coughing her poor little heart out, she was lethargic and attached to her mother. It was sad to see, the mother didn’t see that, she was upset that I told her she should not be coming to school," she says. "And she said that another kid was there sick, basically making it an excuse to leave her daughter."

Girl with Down syndrome

Maria Jordan tired to explain that when her daughter gets sick, it’s not just an ordinary cold or flu. "Her little body needs the help of machines to fight bugs off. She was still upset with me," she says. "I understand there’s parents who may lose their job if they miss one more day of work (I know for a fact this wasn’t the case for this mother), but I get that, I understand jobs and roofs over our head are important. But so is my daughter’s life! I'm not trying to be dramatic, but seeing my daughter fight with all her might to breathe when she is sick, is terrifying for a mother." 
In addition to speaking up to this mom, Maria Jordan decided to share her thoughts online because she knows her daughter isn't the only kid who can end up in the hospital over a simple cold. "I can’t for the life of me understand why people would put others at risk 'because they have so many things to do' (FYI school is not the babysitting club)," she wrote on Instagram. "Not only are others at risk but your own child needs you to cuddle them, to love them, to care for them back to health. When Jordan Grace is sick, I think of her first, and how miserable she would be at school ... But I also think of others, I don’t want my child to go get others sick especially those who may end up in the hospital because their little bodies can’t fight the sickness off on their own."


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