People Who Judge Plus-Size Moms Are Just Wrong, According to This Epic Takedown

Plus-size mom
Tabitha Hollins Blog/Facebook

No matter what, postpartum moms can't catch a break when it comes to their bodies. In addition to trying to physically heal from bringing a human being into this world, they're also pressured to instantly "bounce back" to their pre-baby body, and in many cases, they only feel like they can be proud or celebrate once they achieve that goal. However, there are also many women who try to promote self-love and empower new moms to embrace their bodies exactly how they are. But that message often has an unfortunate caveat: It only counts if you're not a plus-size mom


Sick of the hurtful messages that women can only be proud of their postpartum bodies if they looked a certain way before getting pregnant -- or that postpartum bodies with stretch marks and weight gain are only acceptable if that's not how you looked before conceiving -- blogger Tabitha Hollins set the record straight about this warped way of thinking.

In a powerful post entitled "Diary of a Plus Size Mom," Tabitha wrote on Facebook that she's been internally debating the issue for some time. "Promote being a plus size mom, saying eat what you want and still love yourself? Or shame that person for being overweight?" she wrote. "Well ladies ... neither one is 'right.'"

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Tabitha Hollins Blog/Facebook

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No matter what your body looks like, Tabitha urges others to look at both sides and put yourself in both positions to truly understand. "A few days ago I saw beautiful photos of a plus size mother and her 'thicker daughter.' I could not believe the comments I was reading," she wrote. "Everyone saying 'she was wrong by promoting women to be unhealthy.'"

But the only thing that people should see if you post a happy photo of yourself with your child is your strength. "If a woman is taking a beautiful maternity photo, and she is a plus size mother, it's not right to tell her this is wrong for her to do because she is not skinny, [and] therefore is promoting being unhealthy," Tabitha wrote. "Yes, she may be overweight, this may be something she struggles with. But does that mean you get to tell her she is not allowed to feel beautiful for who she is in this moment?"

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Tabitha Hollins Blog/Facebook

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For those who disagree, Tabitha wants to know if a curvier woman shouldn't be allowed to remember her beautiful pregnancy by taking a photo. "Should we tell her to come back when she is 'thinner'? Because this photo will not be beautiful unless you are smaller?" she wrote.

Instead of being so quick to make assumptions off of a snapshot, Tabitha hopes that people can start understanding and accepting all moms instead of slamming a woman based on how she looks or what she does with her body:

"Just because a woman posts a picture does not mean she is promoting being unhealthy. If a skinny woman has saggy skin on her stomach that was just never the same after having children, should we tell her to get a tummy tuck so her husband will like her more? No, of course not!"

Tabitha questions anyone who thinks plus-size women should only post pictures of themselves if it's followed by an "after" shot, because how much you get to enjoy or experience life shouldn't be based on your size.

Unfortunately, women are made to feel like they can't get in the photos or be proud of these family memories because of their size, and it's time to stop trying to fit women into a certain postpartum mold. "A plus size mother is and will always be beautiful no matter where she is in her life. In that moment in time, embrace who you are! Know that you are beautiful big or small," she wrote. "You never know what someone struggles with. Big or small we all have them visible or not. Love who you are, no matter what your size!"

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