Upsetting Video Shows Toddler Struggling After Locking Himself in a Hot Car

Toddler saved from hot car
Kenny Rubin/Facebook

A trip to the local mall turned incredibly stressful for two parents, and it had nothing to do with holiday shoppers. When Ken Rubin and his wife, Sacnyte, were getting out of their car in a Florida parking lot, their toddler, Apollo, grabbed the keys out of his mom's hands. Even though Apollo was still in the car, Sacnyte quickly closed the door because a car was trying to pull into the spot next to her. At the same time, Ken shut his door. This wouldn't normally be a problem -- if Apollo didn't immediately click the lock button when his mom tried to open the door again to get him out of the car.


"We heard the click when Apollo hit the lock on the fob," Ken told News 6.

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It's incredibly dangerous for a child to get locked in a hot car, with 40 children dying from heatstroke after being trapped in sweltering vehicles in 2017. According to Kars4Kids, every 10–20 minutes, the temperature inside a car rises 20 degrees and a child's internal organs begin to shut down once temperatures reach 104 degrees within the car.

It was a warm Florida day when Apollo locked himself in the car, but his parents didn't immediately panic because there was an Orlando police officer nearby and they were able to quickly flag him down. The officer called the fire department and they worked to try to pry the door open without damage the vehicle. At the same time, Ken and his wife were trying to get Apollo to hit the unlock button and they started filming the failed attempts.

In the distressing video, you can see the toddler covered in sweat as he pries at the vents in a desperate attempt for air.

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The rescuers weren't able to get the door open without breaking a window, and Ken told News 6 that after 30 minutes of their trying, Apollo began sweating profusely. In the video, you can so the child drenched in sweat and hear a firefighter talking to the family about the escalating situation. "Well the next thing that's going to happen is he's going to be passed out and we don't want that," the woman said.

They decided to break the window and share the footage as a warning to parents of just how dangerous hot cars are for kids. "For the record ... Apollo was NEVER in any danger. We had been running the AC on the way to the store ... and the police were right next to us in the parking lot so we didn't even have to call them," Ken wrote on Facebook. "We could have broken the window at anytime if he got too hot or sweaty ... and that is what we did."

Toddler saved from hot car
Kenny Rubin/Facebook

After 45 minutes trying to get the door open and unsuccessful phone calls to Audi trying to get them to unlock the door, Ken is grateful that his "local heroes" were able to swiftly save the day and his son's life. "We had hopes that we could get him to pull the handle or press the unlock button ... or Audi could have unlocked it for us ... but in a car with fully tinted windows that had been running the AC up until the minute he got locked in ... the length of time he was in the car was perfectly healthy," Ken wrote. "The temp in the car was only about 90-something degrees when we opened it."

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