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  • Instead of goodie bags, kids "shopped" for items at their own Dollar Spot. BRB, stealing this idea for my own kid's party.

    The idea is super creative, but as Kern explains, it's also a really easy way to turn the goodie-bag tradition into a fun party activity. "I got bulk items of toys and candy and bubbles and put them in bins so the kids could 'shop' for whatever they wanted," she says. "I had gone to my local Target and they were kind enough to give me a bunch of checkout bags as well as stickers for the kids. I think that was their favorite spot of the day!" Same, kids. Same.

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  • While the kids loved shopping, Kern says her favorite part of the party was the dessert table. That cake looks almost too good to eat. Almost.

    "I made chocolate-covered oreos and pretzels," she says. "Obviously they were red and white and then I made Charlie's cake as the centerpiece." Yes, please. 

  • Kern says friends and family all loved the party theme. But no one was happier than Charlie.

    Kern shared photos of all her hard work (because let's be honest, this is some master-level Pinterest skill at work here) on Facebook, where even Target commented on loving Charlie's #Targetstyle. We love everything about this party -- we just wish we'd been invited to come!