Mom Takes Video of Her Sucking Snot Out of Her Baby's Nose & It's Actually Pretty Genius

Angie Hepp/Youtube

Being a mom forces you to get past any squeamishness you had in your pre-parent life. Between all the poop, the vomit, and the snot, you get used to dealing with all kinds of truly gross stuff for the sake of your kids. That doesn't mean some moms don't draw the line in the sand somewhere, though. While many may think this mom sucking snot out of her baby's nose with a helpful contraption is taking things a bit too far, others have no problem seeing the genius in it. 


A recently resurfaced YouTube video shows a mother using a NoseFrida on her infant daughter. "I know it's gross, but it works," she says right before the camera picks up the sounds of wet suction and we watch as the small tube she's inserted into her baby's nose begins to fill up with snot. Understandably, the baby definitely doesn't like it, but the contraption certainly seems to have worked by the end. 

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The NoseFrida rose to popularity around 2011. The item -- which literally just looks like some sort of syringe attached to a short hose -- was marketed to parents as a hygienic baby booger booster. For anyone tired of using those disposable baby aspirators, it seemed like a lifesaver. 

Until, that is, people learned how they really worked. Instead of having to use just your hands to manually squeeze a sucker, the NoseFrida actually requires you to physically "suck" the snot out of your child's nose through the aforementioned hose. Placing the syringe in your baby's nose and the other end of the device in your mouth, you actively remove all of the snot, boogers, and gunk stuck in your child's sinuses. 

Admittedly, this sounds gross as hell at first. Luckily, the NoseFrida contains a small sponge filter that ensures all of the snot stays firmly planted in the syringe that goes into the nose and prevents any flyaways. You don't come in contact with the boogers!

Still, some people have been pretty vocal about their disgust of the NoseFrida:

But others have rallied together in support of the "lifesaving" device: 

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Currently available on Amazon for about $15 and with 80 percent of those who reviewed giving it 5 stars, the NoseFrida may definitely be worth the investment. FridaBaby -- the parent company -- claims the product is completely hygienic, easy to clean, and safe to use for both parents and babies. 

When you're stuck at the end of your rope, literally sucking the snot out of your children seems a lot less awful than the alternative of having to watch them suffer. 

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