Moms Are Already Getting Defensive Over How Many Christmas Gifts Their Kids Actually Get

Christmas presents for kids
How I See Life/Flickr

As some parents get into the holiday spirit, they're already stressing about the Christmas gifts their kids are going to get. In addition to worrying about whether they can afford what their little ones want this season or if that hot toy is even available, some are more concerned about the quantity of presents their kiddos are going to see under the tree than what it is that they're going to open. 

  • One anonymous mom wrote online that she's worried about the number of gifts to give her two kids and wants to know if 10 presents each is too little.

    Whether you go over-the-top with flowing gifts or take a more conservative approach during the holiday season is a personal choice, but this concerned mom asked others on Mumsnet their thoughts on the perfect number of gifts and what she should aim for this year.

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  • Parents had strong thoughts on how many gifts kiddos should have waiting for them on Christmas morning and weren't afraid to share their opinions.

  • Some believe that it doesn't matter how many gifts kids get, just as long as the number is even for all siblings (even a baby).

  • Others are in support of the double-digit number of presents on Christmas morning and believe the more the merrier.

  • However, others were quick to point out that it isn't about the gifts and parents need to stop going overboard.

  • No matter now much you buy, remember not to make the focus only on gifts or else both you and the kids will be disappointed with how things turn out.