Target Workout Mom Claps Back at Haters by Making New Videos All Over Town


What do you do when the Internet turns its wrath on you? If you're me, you crawl under a huge fuzzy blanket with a package of double stuffed Oreos and don't come out until they're all gone. But if you're Sia Cooper, the mom who recently went viral for her Target workout video, you show your haters that they can't bring you down by doing even more in-store workouts.


Cooper's Target video got a ton of love from moms who saw her leg routine as inspiration for their next Target run. But not everyone was into the fit mom's ways. Rather than letting the haters get her down, Cooper decided to let them inspire her next workout. She took her kids and headed to Walmart for a quick calorie burn session, and by the looks of it, to stock up on diapers. 

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"So someone negatively commented yesterday that I should've done my video in Walmart because I would've fit in better (in regards to my viral Target workout video) referring to the common thought that Walmart is a crazy, trashy place," she captioned the video. "Soooo... I did! Because that's how I clapback at my haters." The best revenge is living well, and having crazy strong legs. 

This workout is even harder than her Target routine, as she does it with her daughter in a baby carrier for added resistance. She shows us how easy it is to turn grabbing a box of diaper or case of water into a workout move. Her kids are smiling as she does her thing, and she pauses frequently to kiss her daughter (and probably to catch her breath!).

The best part of the video is that unlike the eerily deserted aisles of Target, this Walmart is hopping, with plenty of people in the background. Yet while so many of her naysayers in the comments said people would hate to see someone working out in a store, not a single person seems the least bit bothered or even surprised to see her squatting and lunging away.

If Walmart is considered lowbrow (I just consider it a place to get all my shopping done without spending a fortune but, whatever), Cooper decided that for her next video, she wanted to show her haters and her fans that you could squeeze a workout in while shopping at a "fancy" store too. So she headed to Whole Foods, because any store that sells something called "Golden Milk" is obviously fancy AF. 

With her daughter strapped on her back and a shopping basket as makeshift gym equipment, Whole Foods might as well be CrossFit. She does curtsy lunges (my personal least favorite exercise), squats, and hops over her basket. She even grabs a couple bottles of wine for some bicep curls. 

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Sure, she'll probably get some blowback for these videos and any like them she posts in the future, because that's the sad reality of the Internet. But her workouts have inspired others to find ways to fit fitness into their everyday routine.

Cooper's a confident, healthy mom who's not going to let a few negative comments slow her down. We hope she never stops posting her videos, and if we see her in the store, maybe we'll be in the mood to join her for a squat or two!

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