This Kid Who Tried to Bring a Dead Bird to Show & Tell Is Literally Every Preschooler

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Mom Babble by Mary Katherine Backstrom/Facebook

Any parent of a preschooler knows the torture that is finding an object for your child to bring into school for show-and-tell that starts with the letter they're learning about that week. (X is the worst. What do you have lying around the house that starts with X?) Mom Mary Katherine Backstrom was getting her son ready for school when all of a sudden she remembered it was "D" week, and she didn't have an item planned. Thanks to her child's, um ... unusual collection outside, her morning was anything but smooth.


Backstrom shared on her Facebook page, Mom Babble, how she ended up holding a dead bird before breakfast. (Motherhood -- never a dull moment, right?) She said she told her son, whom she calls Nugget, to go find something that started with the letter D. He came back with an umbrella, because of course he did.

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"Umbrella starts with the letter U. Uh-uh-umbrella," she told him. 

Nugget would not be deterred. "No, mommy -- DIS umbrella," he said. I love this kid.

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Mom Babble by Mary Katherine Backstrom/Facebook

She convinced him to try again. "The letter D. Like duh-duh-DINOSAUR," she said. Nugget sprung into action. "His eyes light up and he goes 'OOOOOH! Let me outside, Mommy. I know JUST THE THING!'" she writes. 

It was then that Backstrom started to get a little nervous. And wouldn't we all? The only time moms want to hear "I've got the perfect thing out back" is at a jewelry store. "This is where I tell you that for the last three days, I've been complaining that our porch smells horrible." she writes. Oh boy. No good can come of this. 

Sure enough, they go outside and Nugget runs over to the chair that holds his treasure trove of things (my kids' is by a tree stump).

He points and says to his mom, "How bout MY DEAD BIRD! DUH-DUH-DEAD BIRD!"

Obviously Backstrom freaked. "I am ready to bleach everything in sight including my son and his bloated dead bird, and now we are late for preschool and still have no show-and-tell," she writes. She told him to go inside and grab his stuffed dog (duh, duh dog), and he went, on the verge of tears because she wouldn't let him bring a bird carcass to school. Ah, kids. 

Backstrom tossed the bird over the fence and managed to keep her breakfast down, but she took a picture first, because otherwise who would believe this, right?

dead bird on porch
Mom Babble by Mary Katherine Backstrom/Facebook

 Rest in peace, li'l sparrow. 

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Nugget came back with a stuffed friend in tow, and Backstrom decided that whatever letter it starts with, it would have to do. "I breathe in deep," she writes. "It's either a dog or a cat, but who cares -- it isn't rotting flesh, so I approve his selection and off to preschool we go."

Maybe X isn't the hardest letter for show-and-tell after all.

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