This Mom's Postpartum Body Isn't Here to 'Please Your Eyeballs'

Mom holding baby

Although it wasn't easy for Tiffany Burke to shared this revealing photo on Instagram -- and she was opening herself up to potential online hate from strangers commenting on her postpartum body -- this mom posted it anyways. The candid snapshot doesn't just capture what 70 pounds "overweight" looks like or what exclusively breastfeeding while still gaining weight looks like. This is what reality is like for one new mom, and she wants people to realize that it's more than what they see -- or assume they're seeing. 


Although this is what a working mom, with no makeup and no time for self-care, looks like, Tiffany explained that there's so much more to it. "This is also what my happiness looks like. What my body looks like does not determine my happiness or my success," she wrote. "My body is my temporary shell. My life is truly beautiful."

new Mom holding baby

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Tiffany, who is a portrait photographer, has given birth to five children, with three of her own kids and two carried as surrogate babies. She explains that her body was at a "healthy" weight before getting pregnant with baby number five and that it doesn't look the way it does in this photo simply because she's had five babies. "Currently, I can't work out hardcore like I have in the past or I will lose my milk supply. I am also eating all the food because I'm just starving," she wrote. "I work a lot and choose my free time to be with my kids. My body can wait a bit and I'm proud to make that choice."

This is Tiffany's decision to make and she is confident with her conclusion. "They won't be little much longer and I will have missed it all," she wrote.

Instead of worrying about how she looks postpartum, Tiffany views her body with the same mindset that she does her family's house:

"Like my home, it ebbs and it flows as the seasons of my life do. My home is sometimes messy, sometimes clean, sometimes both. Our bodies ebb and flow in the seasons of our lives. From the season of when junior high starts and we are questioning everything about our bodies, to the season of no time for self-care, or the season of IVF injections for so many years. Or weight gain from pregnancies of angel babies lost and our bodies not willing to let go just yet. The season of a divorce, or depression, eating disorders, a death, addiction or toxic relationships. So much affects our wonderful shells. We must give grace, find ways to self-love as often as we can."

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Tiffany hopes that her raw photo of herself and baby Quinn standing confident in their skin will inspire other women to take control of their inner voices that have so much power over a person's daily life. "Our bodies are important to love, but not so important to invest so much hate into. SO MUCH MORE MATTERS," she wrote. "Be healthy, be strong, make a change when you can, be you, be unafraid."

However, if all else fails, ignore the rest instead of giving haters the power that they don't deserve. "It's okay if someone thinks I'm not pretty. I'm not here on this planet to please their eyeballs," she wrote. "I am worth so much more and so are you."

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