9-Year-Old Takes Over Mom's Maternity Shoot & the Results Are Gorgeous


Pregnancy is a truly magical time, which is why so many women document the moment with maternity photo shoots. But while most of us leave the picture-taking to the professionals, author and poet Alexandra Elle's 9-year-old daughter asked to direct her mom's maternity shoot. The photos show a glowing mom to be, and the unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter. 

  • She shared the photos on social media, alongside a moving poem from her new book, "Neon Soul."

    "I may not always be the easiest woman to love," she wrote, "but I love hard enough to collapse the sky. Strong enough to hold together crumbling mountains. And deep enough to drown
    the sea."

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  • Move over, Snapchat filter -- those butterflies aren't computer generated.

    Elle wrote that her daughter "happens to think she's a butterfly goddess." 

    There are days when being pregnant isn't magical, when you feel more like a whale than a goddess who's creating life. But these photos allow Elle to see herself as her daughter sees her -- drop dead gorgeous. 

  • When we were 9, we were taking blurry Polaroids of our thumbs, but this little girl's got true talent.

    Her focus and lighting skills rival an adult professional's. Is she available for bookings after school?

  • With over 27,000 likes on Twitter and another 42,000 likes on Instagram, everyone's in love with this mom-to-be and her tiny photog.

  • Some point out that not only are her daughter's photography skills impressive, but that she learned an important lesson in self-love while shooting.

    From puberty to pregnancy, women's bodies are constantly shifting. Letting our daughters see us radiate confidence in our skin can help them feel more comfortable in their own bodies.

  • These photos give are giving us serious pregnancy and mother/daughter goals.