Elementary School Banned Halloween Over These 'Culturally Offensive' Costumes

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Although Halloween is a festive celebration that many kids look forward to, the holiday isn't only about candy and fun costumes for all. While some push the line from creative to offensive with their costumes and end up insulting particular cultures, others opt out of celebrating the spooky day due to religious reasons. To respect those who don't partake in the October tradition, one school decided to ban dressing up after deeming wizard and witch costumes "culturally offensive," and some parents think this is taking things too far.

  • After a school canceled its annual Halloween party and banned costumes, one mom is pissed.

    The anonymous mom shared her frustration on Mumsnet, explaining that the school's Halloween party is something that the kids look forward to every year -- she doesn't understand why the after-school party needs to be canceled or why all costumes have to be banned. "This year there is no disco because some parents are offended by the witches and wizards costumes/it is culturally offensive for some families," she wrote.  

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  • "The [Halloween party] happens out of school hours, is manned by parent volunteers, and the kids f*cking love it ... Is this PC gone mad?"

    Many parents are outraged that the school took things this far and think that the party shouldn't be canceled, as it takes place after hours.

  • Most agreed that if any people are offended by the idea of wearing costumes, they don't have to attend:

  • Others even called the move "ridiculous."

  • A ban may seem extreme, but as some pointed out, not everyone celebrates Halloween.

    Whether your kid is allowed to dress up in school or not, it's important to respect other cultures and not assume everyone celebrates this holiday.