Parents Outraged Over Middle Schooler's Super Graphic Sex Ed Lesson

controversial sex ed homework
Mandy Callihan/Facebook

The conversation surrounding sex education in schools is always shrouded in debate. While many parents believe that it is a necessary part of a well-rounded education, others think sex-related topics should only be taught and discussed at home. Parents of children in an Oklahoma middle school are upset after they claim their kids were taught "how to have sex" in a class assignment.


Last week, mother and teacher Mandy Callihan claims her daughter called her from school crying and asked her mom to come pull her out of class. Callihan, who works at the same middle school her daughter attends, assumed the 12-year-old was sick and promptly signed her out and brought the girl into her classroom. It turned out that instead of being upset by an illness, Mandy's daughter was uncomfortable with a sex-ed class and corresponding assignment she was given at Jay Middle School.

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In a post on Facebook, Callihan says seveth- and eighth-grade students at the school were given a co-ed sex education course taught by outside instructors. "She had just spent her third day in this class, where boys and girls are combined, and male and female instructors take turns 'teaching' our kids about sex education," she wrote.

The mother claims that neither she nor her husband were made aware of the fact that these classes were taking place, let alone told what information the students were being taught. According to Callihan, the instructors teaching the class also gave the students workbooks to take home so they could "continue the conversation about what was discussed in class."

sex ed homework controversy
Mandy Callihan/Facebook

Inside of these books were terms, definitions, and worksheets the mother says are extremely graphic and too advanced for 12- and 13-year-olds. "I was appalled at what someone in our school system had deemed appropriate to talk to my child about," Callihan wrote in her post. 

News On 6 spoke to other parents of students who attended the classes as well, and the vast majority of them held feelings similar to Callihan's. "That is not something appropriate for children to see," mother Sharon Squire said in an interview. "I am not opposed to them having sex education, but things like this that I just saw, I'm very much opposed to."

Many parents also took to Facebook to express their outrage:

After confronting a health teacher, the school principal, a school counselor, and the school nurse, Callihan and her husband found that all school officials claimed that the sex-ed lessons were board approved. "The principal said he approved it and there was nothing wrong with it," she wrote in her Facebook post. 

Jay superintendent Kenneth Bridges spoke to News On 6, saying the sex-ed curriculum had been developed by the Connection Institute, a youth empowerment program seeking to help young people make safe, healthy choices concerning things like sex and relationships. Bridges also said the program had been taught in multiple school districts around the Jay, Oklahoma, area.

Given the countless complaints and concerns voiced by parents, the superintendent decided it would be best to suspend this particular sexual-education program. As of Friday, October 13, 2017, the program has been halted pending further review.

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Instances of schools and educators being accused of overstepping their bounds when it comes to sex ed are a dime a dozen these days. But whether you agree with these outraged parents or not, this story certainly drives home the importance of being active in your children's education and doing everything you can to ensure that you are on the same page as their teachers and schools.

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