Why This Pregnant Woman Is About to Lose It on Her Judgmental Mother-in-Law Before the Baby Is Even Born

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Dealing with family dynamics can be difficult, but when you add pregnancy hormones, overbearing personalities, and unsolicited advice to the mix, things tend to get even worse. One new mom-to-be is experiencing this firsthand. Even though she hasn't even given birth yet, her mother-in-law is already driving her crazy with her parenting "opinions." 

  • At 35 weeks pregnant, this mom-to-be is constantly getting "advice" from her mother-in-law and it's already crossing the line.

    From assuming that she knows better about every parenting decision they've made so far to rolling her eyes at her daughter-in-law's opinions, this grandma-to-be is seriously stressing out her son's wife. "I just feel like she's judging me the whole time and that she thinks she's the only woman who can mother successfully!" the anonymous mom shared on Mumsnet. "I'm left floundering at her snipey comments -- what can I say back to give her the message that a lot of what she says is outdated and HER opinion -- not guidelines!"

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  • Some who have experience dealing with "difficult" MILs offered advice on ways to handle her:

  • Others recommend that she just grin and bear it instead of making problems before the baby is born:

  • But some are on team grandma and point out that this mama-to-be should keep an open mind, as her MIL might know more than she realizes.

  • No matter what, she should decide how she wants to deal with it now -- or else it's only going to get worse after the baby is born.

  • It doesn't matter how much experience you have, all new moms need support and respect without any judgement or shaming.