This Genius Mom Hack Makes Giving Baby's Medicine a Breeze

hack for giving baby medicine
Helena Lee/Facebook

Grape, bubblegum, fruit punch paradise -- no matter how much artificial flavoring or what fun name you give it, kids aren't fans of taking medicine. Even babies will let you know in no uncertain terms that they aren't having it when you try to squirt a dose of gross-tasting medicine into their mouths. Which is why one mom's trick for getting babies to take every last drop of their medicine has parents everywhere cheering.


Helena Lee, a British mom and nurse practitioner, was understandably upset recently when her son Alfie developed a fever. Trying to give him Calpol (a medicine that's similar to infants' Tylenol) ended in a situation we've all been in: Baby spits most of the medicine back out, Mom's covered in a sticky grape mess, and you spend the next few hours freaking out and taking his temperature every five minutes because you're not sure if he got enough medicine to bring his fever down or if you should try to give him more, but you're terrified at the thought of overdosing your baby. Luckily she remembered a trick that made giving Alfie his medicine a breeze.

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mom's hack for getting baby to take medicine
Helena Lee/Facebook
In her post that's been shared over 115,000 times and counting, Lee shows how she took the little syringe that comes with the baby medicine and shoved it inside the nipple of a baby bottle. She says the simple hack works like a charm. "Not 1 bit got wasted and no tears," she captioned the photos.

Don't have a syringe? Copy this mom on Instagram and just pour your baby's medicine right into a clean bottle nipple.

hack for getting baby to take medicine
Either way your sick babies can get the medicine they need to feel better from the comfort of a familiar nipple and at their own pace, rather than have it forced upon them with a syringe.

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So simple, yet so genius. With cold season just around the corner, we bet moms everywhere will be giving this hack a try.

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