This Dad Stepped Up to Help His Breastfeeding Wife in the Best Possible Way

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Chris Lopez/Facebook

Although Mom is the only one who can breastfeed, the amount of support she gets from Dad can drastically impact the process. Just having someone who's got your back when you're ready to give up can make the difference between feeling alone or empowered during this nursing journey. Now that Chris Lopez is a mom of two, she's experienced both sides of it and is grateful for what she learned during her first attempt to breastfeed and how much it impacted the decisions she made during the second time around. 


Chris could only breastfeed for the first four months after having her son. She also felt extremely insecure if she tried to nurse in public, and she didn't feel like her partner, Cee Grant, was there for her. "I felt very alone and didn't have much of his support as he was going through his own struggles in life," she wrote on Facebook. "The second time around with my daughter I made sure when I was pregnant with her to communicate to my spouse that I really needed him this time around."

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Chris Lopez/Facebook

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Before even giving birth to her second baby, Chris told Cee how much she needed his encouragement and made him promise not only to be there for her but also to not let her give up when she wanted to. "He didn't realize how much I needed his support until I actually opened my mouth and expressed it to him and boy has he come through," she wrote. "There has def been a few times where I was ready to give up and he didn't let me. From 1 a.m. trips to Walgreens for nipple shields to scrubbing Gentian Violet off the bathroom counter, he has done things so much differently for me this time around and it has helped me succeed in so many ways."

In case anyone didn't know what this type of unwavering support looks like, Cee showed it when he and Chris were running errands with their kiddos. "I didn't have pads on and leaked out in public," Chris wrote. "Of course I didn't have anything to cover it and my hair is not in any condition to be worn down so this dude grabs a napkin & water and dabs his nipple so I wouldn't be alone."

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Chris Lopez/Facebook

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In all of his Billy Madisoninspired glory, Cee matched Chris's wet spot to publicly support his breastfeeding wife and show that no matter what, she isn't alone in it. "He is sometimes the biggest pain in my ass but more times he is my biggest fan and supporter," she wrote. "Every day we recognize the moms who breastfeed but today I just wanted to give a little shout out to my biggest fan. I love you Cee Grant."

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