Mom Works Out While Shopping at Target & People Are Seriously Judging Her for It

mom works out in target

Finding time to squeeze in a workout when you're a parent is hard to do. It's easy to say you'll turn on that video or go for a run once the kids go to sleep, only to succumb to the siren call of Netflix instead. Moms who are serious about fitness know that if you want to get your workout in, you have to make it happen no matter where you are. But when a video of a mom getting her sweat on in Target hit the Internet this weekend, not everyone was giving her high-fives for her dedication. 


Sia Cooper is personal trainer with abs that wouldn't have looked out of place on the set of the Wonder Woman movie. She's also a mom of two, so she knows that when it comes to fitting in a workout, time is of the essence. She often posts Instagram videos of herself working out around her kids, and she's been known to squeeze in some squats and push-ups in some pretty unusual places: on the beach, in the airport -- even while pumping gas. But the video that's got the Internet all hot and bothered is one where she's working out while pushing her baby daughter through the aisles of Target. 

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In the video, Cooper does squats (with toe raises for some extra calf action) and hip hinges. She performs walking squats while pushing the cart up and down the granola bar aisle, and exercises what I consider to be extreme self-control in the face of all those Lara bars. She does toe taps and single-leg lifts and skater lunges, using the cart as a piece of makeshift gym equipment.

Is it next level to work out while shopping in Target when there are perfectly good gyms in the world? Maybe. But as long as those are your own workout clothes -- not ones you're "trying on" -- and your lunges aren't blocking the scented candles that I'm smelling, who cares, right?

Lots of people, actually. The video was picked up and shared by the folks at Self, who saw it as a cool example of a multitasking momma getting her pump on in the place that's like a second home to most of us. While some people saw Cooper and her moves as fitspiration for their next Target run, others were not impressed.

Some felt like Cooper's decision to burn a few calories while shopping somehow means she's judging them for what's in their carts.

Others don't understand how when fitness is part of your lifestyle, incorporating it everywhere you go isn't overkill, it's fun.

And some just don't want to see the sacred aisles of Target defiled with sweat. 

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It should be pointed out that there's a difference between lunging up and down the toy section on a busy Saturday morning and mid-week when there's not even a red-shirted employee in sight, which is when it appears Cooper made her video.  

But whether you think Cooper's Target workout makes her a rock star or off her rocker, let's hope she doesn't only do squats and lunges while she's in Target. After all, they stock all the best wine and chocolates on the highest shelves.

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