Parents Are Sharing Before & After Photos to Show How Their Toddlers Have Ruined Them

before and after kids

We all know that becoming a parent makes us feel like walking zombies, but now there's photo evidence to prove it. Mike Julianelle of the blog Dad and Buried is also the evil genius behind Got Toddlered -- an Instagram account were parents are sharing photos of themselves before and after kids, showing just how drastically becoming a mom or dad can impact your look. 

  • Julianelle tells CafeMom the idea was inspired by a reader's reaction to a recent blog post where he shared photos of himself before and after kids.

    Sure, a decade will age you in and of itself. But raising 7-year-old "Munch" and a toddler nicknamed "The Hammer" has definitely had its own impact on Julianelle. Those are the forehead lines of 3,000 rough bedtimes.

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  • Based on that reader's suggestion, he created @gottoddlered so parents can submit their own pre- and post-kid snaps and remember the good ol' days.

    Remember when "doing your hair" meant more than tossing it into a messy bun?

  • Good-bye, cute clothes and lipstick.

    Hello, under-eye circles and ratty tank tops. 

  • Remember eyeliner?

    The last time I held one, it was to hand it to my kid to use as a makeshift pencil to keep him quiet while waiting for our food at a restaurant. Sigh.

  • Julianelle admits it can be a bit sad to see how cute you were before you had kids, but he's not trying to bum anyone out with his project.

    He's all about being authentic when it comes to parenthood. "I mostly hope people get a kick out of it, but my Dad and Buried blog and social accounts have always been about sharing the real truth about parenting, about not being scared or ashamed to admit to the depressing, lame, boring, and frustrating parts," he explains. "And hopefully helping other parents realize that having myriad emotions about this gig is healthy and normal."

  • From super glam to super tired.

    Her daughter's gonna love her for those braid skills one day though. 

  • What a difference three years can make.

    We all have that face. That's the "Mom is DONE" face. 

  • Julianelle hopes sharing these photos will help other parents feel less alone as we all attempt this crazy senior project known as "raising a child."

    "We're all in it together," he says, "and we should all be able to relate and share a laugh about how ravaged our faces, and our lives, have been by our children!"

  • The carefree drink of the childfree vs. the well-deserved chug of the mom who took three kids to the dentist solo and lived to tell the tale.


  • It's not just moms who undergo a kid-induced transformation.

    Daddy needs a nap, and some under-eye cream. 

    If you're feeling brave, you can submit your own before-and-after photos to They're lucky they're cute, right?