Mom Makes Daily Halloween Costumes for Her 9-Month-Old Twins -- & She Gives Them Away!

bb8 and rey halloween costume babies

One of the best parts of having kids is getting to relive the magic of the holidays with them. All holidays with kids are a blast, but Lauren Mancke loves Halloween best of all. Instead of planning just one over-the-top costume for her kids to wear on the 31st, she's dressing her adorable 9-month-old twin daughters, Lera and Marigold, in different DIY Halloween costumes every day in October

  • Mancke did a month's worth of Halloween costumes last year with her son, Fox. This year it's her twin daughters who get to play daily dress up.

    Everyone remembers A League of Their Own.

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  • The girls might be too young to know who Pinky and the Brain are, but these costumes are still super cute.

    Those tails are too much!

  • Here's a throwback for all the grandmas.

    It's Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda!

  • There's always money in the banana stand.

    It was either these Arrested Development costumes, or dressing them as nevernudes. 

  • What makes Mancke's costumes so unique is that they're made from easy-to-find clothes and supplies. You probably have what you need in the closet.

    A cartoon comes to life with these Bob's Burgers costumes.

  • But for those of us who aren't the crafting type, Mancke often holds giveaways on her Instagram of her best costumes.

    Who wouldn't want to win this BB8 outfit for their own little one?

  • You have to be pretty up on your pop culture knowledge to get this look.

    It's Abby and Ilana from Broad City.

  • But this look is a classic.

    Laverne and Shirley are an iconic duo.

  • These two are the cutest Thelma and Louise ever!

    All they need is a tiny Brad Pitt.

  • A Disney classic.

    Merida and her momma bear make such a cute pair.

  • Seat belts, everyone!

    The new version of the Magic School Bus cartoon just dropped on Netflix, making these costumes even more fabulous. 

  • In an old house that was covered with vines lived two little girls in two straight lines.

    These Madeline costumes are super precious, but actually really simple to put together. 

    We can't wait to see what costumes the twins will wear for the rest of the month!