Toddler Hilariously Mispronounces 'Casper' & We Love Him for It

kid playing ghost
Mom Babble by Mary Katherine Backstrom/Facebook

From the moment their eyes pop open until the second they crash into the pillow at night (or for a nap, if you're lucky), toddlers are chatting away. And while they're busy testing out their ever-expanding vocabulary, sometimes we get the joy of hearing them epically mispronounce a word or two. Take, for example, mom Mary Katherine Backstrom, whose son turned the name "Casper" into a phrase that's usually only for grown-ups.


Backstrom, who writes the blog Mom Babble, shared on her Facebook page how her son, whom she affectionately calls Nugget, was feeling the Halloween vibes recently and showed off an impromptu costume of his own creation. But when he tried to tell her what he was, it sounded like he had a, uh, serious medical condition. 

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kid dressed up as a ghost with a towel
Mom Babble by Mary Katherine Backstrom/Facebook

Backstrom explains:

Nugget: "OoooOoooo! I'm Ass Burn!'

Me: "Wait, what?"

Nugget: "I AM ASS BURN!"

Little kids hate it when they think you're making fun of them, so the only thing you can do in a situation like this is hold your giggles in and hope you don't pee yourself. 

Backstrom decided to try to unravel the mystery. "Benjamin, I don't know who that is. Can you tell me more about, um ... Assburn?" she asked.

"Yah, mommy!" he replied. "Like ASSSburn the friendly ghost! The friendly ghost!"

OMG DEAD. I am Casper now. 

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Backstrom didn't say if she told Nugget his pronunciation was less than perfect, but let's pray to the Halloween candy gods that she didn't. If calling Casper "Ass Burn" is wrong, I don't want to be right.

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