This Mom Is on a Budget So She Tried a 'Yes Half Hour' Instead

Hiding in the Closet with Coffee/Facebook
After writer Amy Betters-Midtvedt saw Jennifer Garner's exhausted selfie from a "yes day" with her kids, it inspired her. Who doesn't want to be the fun mom every once in a while and let their kids get, eat, or do whatever they want instead of constantly having to say no? However, with five kids and a tight budget, Amy quickly realized that a full day of saying yes to all of her kiddos' whims wasn't an option -- so she came up with the next best thing: the yes half hour


To make the concept work for her family, Amy decided to start with one child. She knew that her son Sam had been wanting to buy Halloween decorations and get ready for the festive holiday, but they hadn't had time over the weekend, so she decided to make his spooky dream an after-school priority. "I told him I'd pick him up from school and we'd go right from there. I said yes. I also created anticipation which is part of the fun," she wrote on Facebook. 

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While waiting for the school bus to come that morning, they talked about what a budget meant and that Sam would have to make some choices as far as what items he wanted to buy most, but that he could have anything that fit within that price range. As he boarded the bus, Sam was beyond pumped to get supplies for a spooky grave.

"He was beside himself with joy [later on] when he came out of school. And as we pulled up to the store he asked if he could pick out a scary dinner too," she wrote. "I said yes. And decided I was going to say yes to whatever he wanted as we shopped as long as it was within reason."

The excitement radiating from Sam the entire time they walked up and down the store's aisles was incredible for Amy to see. As Sam soaked in his Halloween-inspired one-on-one time with his mom, she shocked him by saying yes to mummy hot dogs, two different types of Doritos, and even those annoying spider webs that always get stuck in Amy's bushes.

Hiding in the Closet with Coffee/Facebook

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"Yes to him ... my boy. He was a gem the whole time and felt like a million dollars walking into the house and getting cheers from the big kids for the awesome dinner he picked out (last night's homemade chili didn't get the same reaction, but I digress)," she wrote. "He felt heard and proud and loved being in charge."

After experiencing how much her child loved their special time together and the difference it can make for his self-esteem -- without completely destroying her budget -- Amy discovered that "yes half hours" are definitely worth it. Plus, you don't have to be a celebrity to give your kids this memorable experience. "I now have a secret plan in my head that each of these crazies will get an impromptu yes half hour sometime this year," she wrote. "I like long time lines, I'm much more successful when I give myself time."

Amy admits that by the time they hit the checkout line, their half hour stretched almost to a full hour, but it was completely worth it -- even though she didn't necessarily expect it to be before giving it a try. "Here's to the YES HALF HOUR, my friends. It can happen anywhere and any time. You don't have to be a planner or a millionaire and I'm guessing you'll be a little less tired afterward than our friend Jen [Garner] looked to be," she wrote. "We can all rock the yes for a half hour and the look on our kids' faces will make us feel cooler than a Hollywood mom (I'm guessing)."

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